Location & Layout

located in the Klong Luang district, Pathumthani.


Nava Nakorn Pathumthani is divided into 4 areas
General Industrial Zone
Free Zone
Premium Zone (General Zone)
Commercial and Residential Zone


A Complete Industrial Town located on Phaholyothin Road at 46 KM. with an area of more than 6,485 rais to serve many types of industries. Convenient in Commuting; By standard 10 lanes road, Express Way and Outer Ring Road in addition to train station and bus station in both the front and in the rear of Nava Nakorn Industrial Zone. Create simplicity in commuting to and from many part of the country.




Foreign & Domestic


From Bangkok

Distance From

From KM
Suvarnabhumi International Airport 55
Bangkok 46
Nava Nakorn Nakorn Ratchasima 192
Leam Chabung Port 150


Nava Nakorn provides the most reliable resources to encourage maximum output for all our clients.

4 power substations, distributes up to 515 MVA with 115 kv line and 22 kv line in conjunction with a 300kw and 700kw Solar On-Grid system supporting  auxiliary systems and will be available to customers in the near future. In addition, a 185 Megawatts Co-Gen power station (NNEG) located internally is also assisting with the stability of the power supply.  

Industrial grade fresh water is available at 90,000 cu.m/day with additional 50,000 cu.m/day from PWA 

 Activated Sludge System can proficiently treat up to 46,000 cu.m/day of wastewater .

Underground fiber optic network throughout the industrial zone providing fast and reliable connections while major mobile providers are also available.  

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is supply directly through available pipeline by PTTNGV

All roads within the estate are standard 4 lanes. The main roads are 32 meters in width and the secondary roads are 28 meters in wide.

CCTVs and trained security guards, Nava Nakorn also has the local police actively patrolling the area. Moreover, in case of an emergency, there are fire stations which can immediately arrive on scene from the near by location.

Hazardous & Non Hazardous waste from the production process are collected and disposed by professional companies.

Permanent Flood Protection

Permanent Flood Protection System consisted of 5.5 meters (MSL) corrugated concrete sheet piles protecting 20.5 kilometers of the entire project, closed and opened V-Ditch system and 4 pump stations.

A reduction of water level in canals and reservoirs  
During the dry season from December to July, maintain the water level in the canal at a depth of 1.50 m to accommodate 450,000 cu.m from possible rainfall . During the rainy season from August to November to maintain the water level in the canal at a depth of 1.00 m to accommodate 700,000 cu.m from seasonal rainfall. 

The company has prepared backup generators and installed switched electrical connection system (Sub-Switching) with alternate transmission lines to facilitate pumping stations during power outages. Also the company had assembled a 24 hours monitoring team to observe and supervise the dewatering process.

Customers can directly contact Mr. Veerachai Chutimakorn, Environmental director at mobile: 081-732-1946


MASCI ISO 9001:2015

MASCI ( Management Systems Certification Institute (Thailand) )

Land development, manufacture of treated water and basic public utilities services in Navanakorn Industrial Zone