Our Project

The Company developed the Nava Privacy project as another means of real estate business. The development will provide residential convenience to those who wish to be close to their work place. The project and condominiums are sized at 30-31 square meters These units will provide good quality residences, with complete facilities and security for its residents. The customer target group is those people at their start of their working age; most have Baht 15,000-20,000 income and have budgets for housing expense of Baht 3,500-5,000 per month. It is located near their work and thus reducing commuting expenses in these present days of volatile oil price.

This group of customers is working in the 5 kilometer radius of the project, especially those who work in the Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate Pathumthani. They are a group with a high demand for residences. Therefore, the Company developed the Nava Privacy project for this target group who are in the early part of their working and family lives so as to provide them with their first quality residence and become their starting point for a developing warm family.

Commercial Zone

The Nava Privacy project is the property development inside Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate Pathumthani for commercial customers, containing a modern shopping center and residential buildings for rent or for sale. It emphasizes the creation of a social community encompassing both residences and a shopping complex in the same area. It is situated on Thai-thani road inside Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate where it is most populated.

The Company reports that the commercial zone is comprised of 1 shopping complex, complete with various types of services including food courts, meeting and functions room, and two commercial buildings. They are designed as a shopping mall under the name of “Privacy Mall’ intended to service the communities and residents in the nearby areas. In addition, it is the point of attraction to draw more people to reside in the project, owing to its convenience, ease of shopping for products and services in their daily life.

Sale Office