Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate Pathumthanis Industrial Water Supply Project has been established since June-2007 in order to be the second water resource according to the government policy. Nonetheless this project will solve on the environment crisis in the critical area and also improve in term of water supply in the industrial and nearby area such as residence area.


Since the establishment of Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate Pathumthani, the water that used in general consumption and industry within Nava Nakorn came from two sources which were underground water from underground water-well located in Nava Nakorn and water from Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA).


In accordance with government policy commencing by the Department of Groundwater Resources and announced by Department of Mineral Resources relating to the cabinet consent on December 30, 2003 stated the cancellation of groundwater usage within the Nava Nakorn as the estate located in the groundwater crisis area.


Therefore, it was necessary for Nava Nakorn to explore alternative sources of industrial water to compensate the cancellation of groundwater usage. By initiating “Industrial Water Supply Project,” Nava Nakorn will utilize the water from Chao Phaya River as raw water source, which will be delivered through HDPE pipeline to be utilized at the 39 rais industrial water plant located in Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate Pathumthani before being distributed to factories.


From feasible study found that Industrial Water Supply Project must be implemented with the most suitable location for raw water pumping station which is decided to be Wat Song Pi Nong located on the bank of Chao Phaya River, Sam Koke district, Pathumthani. From the station, raw water will be pumped and delivered through the 8 km. 900 mm. HDPE pipeline via highway #3309, Koke Ta Kiew Canal, and highway #347, and pipe jacking through Premprachaklorn Canal into the industrial water production plant located in Nava Nakorn Pathumthani.


In order to utilize water from Chao Phaya River according to government policy for prevent ground water supply crisis water treatment plant is needed. Another advantage of this project is to improve the efficiency of water distribution system in Nava Nakorn in order to provide sufficient supply with the increasing demand nowadays. Now water treatment plant capacity is at 45,000 cu.m./day. and will be up to 75,000 cu.m./day complete system March 2012. To be consistent with the demand for water in the future of industry in Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate Pathumthani.


Water Treatment Plant Navanakorn Pathumthani Water treatment plant had been built since January 2006 until June 2007 and now is completed Raw Water Pump Station