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2002, In the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Nava Nakorn Public Company Limited(Nava Nakorn)は、産業部門に特化した不動産開発会社です。 Nava Nakornはほぼ50年間、この国で最も信頼されている工業団地開発者の1人として知られています。 Nava Nakorn Industrial Zonesには2つの場所があり、国内外に200を超えるワールドクラスの企業があります。

Becoming The Industrial City of New Innovation

Since the inception in 1971, Nava Nakorn have been providing a ready to build land plots for industrial application in conjunction with a full infrastructure supports and client services of the highest quality. As technology and innovation progresses, Nava Nakorn have also been adapting to the digital environment and continuously developing new businesses to generate additional revenue streams to strengthen the financial stance of the company. Nava Nakorn welcomes both foreign and domestic investors who are looking to build and/or to expand a manufacturing facility in Thailand. Nava Nakorn is the one stop service providing the best investment solution in the industry. Nava Nakron, where industry grows.